Friday, July 12, 2013

Stylin' Friday

Hi all, I hope your summer's going well. Mine is, but way too fast! This is a busy month as we're moving and we have a bunch of other things planned too, but next month I'm going to get to sit back and enjoy! We're living in our travel trailer all month so I'll be unplugged and I bet I'm going to read a LOT of books! 

This week I have a couple of new styles for you. One is for filling in your templates and doodles. You can apply it to any color layer and it adds a paper texture and various degrees of lighter or darker outlines. Super handy and quick!

The second is a set of flair styles. These are clear so need to be used on a second layer above your design. They will add a shiny round surface and leave your design untouched so you can still play with it!

And of course, both are on sale all weekend long!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Big Backyard - a PU project!

So it's been almost a year of designing only CU and over a year and a half since I designed a PU kit so I sweet talked the awesome designer I ct for, Ramona of Memory Clips, into doing a colab with me! It was sooo much fun and I wouldn't be surprised if this happens again as designing kits is so different from designing cu and so much more creative fun! 

We decided to go with a Big Backyard theme since it's just that time of year (I don't know about you, but my yard looks like the playroom these days!) and we came up with this delicious palette of natural, deep satisfying colors that will go with any outdoor photos!
I hope you love it as much as I do, in fact, I loved it so much we ended up with 70 elements and over 20 papers!  Plus we made a bundle that has even more goodies!  
Available only in Ramona's store at ScrapMatters!

Here is a closer look at the papers that come with it:
Here are the Alpha’s that can be purchased separately or as part of the bundle:
Here are the Wordarts that can be purchased separately or with the bundle:
And here are the paints that can be purchased separate or with the bundle:
And if you want it all, purchase the bundle here:
And check out some of the amazing layouts the team created (you may recoginze a couple of the doodly details in this kit from my release last week):

Thanks for reading my PU post, your regular CU programming will resume next week :)