Friday, July 12, 2013

Stylin' Friday

Hi all, I hope your summer's going well. Mine is, but way too fast! This is a busy month as we're moving and we have a bunch of other things planned too, but next month I'm going to get to sit back and enjoy! We're living in our travel trailer all month so I'll be unplugged and I bet I'm going to read a LOT of books! 

This week I have a couple of new styles for you. One is for filling in your templates and doodles. You can apply it to any color layer and it adds a paper texture and various degrees of lighter or darker outlines. Super handy and quick!

The second is a set of flair styles. These are clear so need to be used on a second layer above your design. They will add a shiny round surface and leave your design untouched so you can still play with it!

And of course, both are on sale all weekend long!!

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